The Brisbane Club is prepared to deal with COVID-19. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our Members and our staff is paramount during this time.

A series of initiatives to limit the spread of the virus and mitigate potential transmission sources are being implemented.

Daily attention to cleaning procedures, in accordance with the recommendations of health authorities will ensure we remain a step ahead of Coronavirus. Additional measures include:

  • Maintaining at least 1.5 metres distance between co-workers wherever possible.
  • Signage at the entrances to lifts and meeting rooms to ensure the maximum safe capacity is not exceeded.
  • Regular deliveries will be contactless with e-invoicing are in place.
  • Hand sanitiser stations at entry and exit points in and around the workplace.
  • Employees to limit contact with others– no shaking hands or touching objects unless necessary.
  • Gloves are worn to clear cups, plates, and glassware after use with no cutlery pre-set in our dining areas.
  • Frequently touched areas are cleaned several times a day with a disinfectant solution or alcohol wipe.
  • Daily thermal checks are conducted in all departments to monitor our team’s health and fitness for duty.
  • We have nominated employees to champion safe practices in the Club and support their co-workers with the procedures listed above.

The Brisbane Club would like to thank Members for their support of the measures implemented, and consideration of your fellow Members during these times.

We look forward to welcoming you back to The Brisbane Club. 

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