The Jeudi Club was formed back in April 1996 mainly due to the encouragement of then Committeeman John Tibbits who had the concept that groups of like-minded men with diverse occupations meeting on a regular basis would be a great thing. It was also a good way to use the facilities of the Club and network with other members.

Les Thompson and David Purvis co-hosted the first lunch 25 years ago. As with any group there have been changes in membership over the years. Of the original crew of 11 men, we still have 6 who are still members (David Purvis, Roger Worthington, Peter Eckett, John Dimitriou, Pat Kelly, and Les Thompson).

It would be remiss of me not to mention the late Lawrie Litzow, one of our original members who sadly passed away a few years ago. His wife asked the Jeudi group to be his pall bearers which was indeed a great honour.

Our current membership includes, in addition to the original 6 mentioned above, John Taske, James Sourris, Bruce Wallis, David Allan and Darian Hielscher. We also regard Andy Maluish as a “member at large” since he moved to Western Australia some years ago. Roger Worthington has done a sterling job as our archivist for the 25 years.

Jeudi is the French word for Thursday, and our regular lunch is held on the first Thursday of each month (except January), and our home is in the Cellar. It is an unwritten rule that the only excuse for non-attendance is an overseas or interstate trip or severe illness. It is a testament as to the value we all put on our group that it has become common for travel arrangements to be made commencing the first Friday of the month.

Over the years we have had many fabulous lunches with great food, wine, conversation, and camaraderie. We have also had excursions to great locations in Singapore, New Zealand, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Shanghai and Stanthorpe. When all our children were at school or university we used to have yearly “father, sons and daughters dinners” and these dinners were eagerly awaited and most of our children know each other.

Over the years we have had wonderful service and collaboration from the chefs and cellarmasters and wait staff, and we all thank them for their enthusiasm and professionalism in preparing our lunches and talking to the various hosts as their turn comes up every year.

We all look forward to our Jeudi lunches and we will continue them for many years to come. Jeudi is a big part of our lives. Let’s toast enduring friendship, camaraderie, and wonderful lunches.

Les Thompson